I'm an incorrigible optimist when it comes to my own ability and the abilities of others around me to learn and accomplish our goals.  Because of that, I'm a chronic over-estimator and I struggle to prioritize.  In order to help me better prioritize my time and efforts, I try to just focus on a few things at once.  If something isn't related to one of my current priorities, I'm afraid I'm unlikely to engage with related requests.  Thanks for your understanding.

As of March 2019,  my priorities are:

1) Guiding LearningLeaders to achieve our company's 2020 Goals.
2) Becoming fluent in Chinese, as I define by reading and discussing legal/business documents.
3) Rehabbing my shoulder and knee after meniscus and sub-scap injuries.
4) Preparing for my wedding in 2020.
5) Volunteering with the Shanghai Chapter of EO to better support the growth of entrepreneurship.

Book I'm reading (again):
- Growing Pains, by Flamholtz and Randle