Starting my career in Tech and Private Equity before becoming an entrepreneur, I can't shake both the fun and curiosity of investing in early-stage companies. To date, I’ve invested in various forms in over 100 private companies. Public equities and cryptocurrencies, etc. not included.

I'm passionate about education, the future of work, fintech, media, e-commerce, and companies re-imagining healthier ice cream. Yes - ice cream :)

Investments occur directly, through syndicates, and into other funds as an LP. I tend not to invest in healthcare, medical devices, or pharma - industries I know little about but would love to understand more about one day.

I'm geography agnostic, though tend to prioritize USA, South-East Asia, and India. I no longer invest in China-domiciled companies or funds.

Seed stage or Series A investments are my preference. I will not insist on taking a board seat.

If you're an early-stage company and want to get in touch, please send me an email here. Would love to talk.