Patient Passion

Patient Passion

The true output of excellence needs to be measured over a period of time. Anyone can produce excellent moments. The challenge is to produce excellent moments consistently and over an extended period of time. I don’t think that being called a ‘flash in the pan,’ or a ‘one hit wonder,’ would satisfy most people on the LearningLeaders team. Our and your histories and backgrounds don’t support that - rather, consistency, excellence, and output over a period of time define what it means to me to have Patient Passion.

It is rare to be able to show up to work day in and day out - whether you’re a coach, a painter, a translator, a craftsman, a saleswoman, or a writer - with the same degree of hunger for producing your best. Yet that is what the greats all do - extend their efforts and energies over a period of time. No one is perfect. Everyone has off days. But to last through the entire course of a journey with the same vigour and vim is a surprisingly distinguishing characteristic.

We cannot burn too brightly all at once - rather, keep the fire in your belly alive in order to generate the same flame months and years from now that you are able to create today.

When running or biking in a race, it’s not your fastest mile split that you’re judged on - it’s the average speed across the entire race that determines when you cross the finish line. There may be hills and vails at moments or rugged terrain at others. There may be flat stretches or downhill segments when you’re able to reduce your effort temporarily. Regardless of the course, your time at the end reflects your average speed.

Anyone can go fast for a short period of time. Can you extent it for the entire course?

Whether you prefer everyday excellence or excellence, every day - it's up to you. Do you bring your best with you wherever you go and thus every time you enter a classroom? Or does entering the classroom itself remind you to bring your best?

Either one works, so long as your best is what you get.

Burn bright, but maintain that Patient Passion.