I hope that my thoughts from previous years don't fully align with what I believe today. That means I'm learning and growing. To hold myself accountable and look back on how my worldview has evolved, I'm sharing some of my thoughts here.


The Market Direction Is Clear
Gradually, then suddenly.
The College Board's Online SAT
International Students
Effects of Coronavirus on Higher Ed
Coronavirus and the SAT
The House Project
Which Problems?
VR In the Times of Coronavirus
Innovation Looks Different
How Will You Measure Your Life?
Not All Scalability is Created Equal III
Not All Scalability is Created Equal II
Not All Scalability is Created Equal
Indecision is Catabolic


Even Successful CEOs Get It Wrong All The Time
Systematic Personalization
Give. Give. Get.
The Price We Pay for Self-Awareness
The Importance of Live
Last Mover Advantage
Faster Than I Thought
Admissions to Universities
Two Years of Memos
Leadership and Management
Decisions Have Long Shelf Lives
Self-Awareness Before Self-Mastery
Stay Alive. Then Thrive.
Technical Debt, Organizational Debt, and Shoes
The aLLumni Network
VR's Future in Cinema
Why I'm Stubborn
Decisions with Core Values
Take the Stairs
Paving the Paths
Carving Out a Niche
How do Markets Change?
Product Market Fit at LL
Product Market Fit
Specificity and Proactivity for Feedback
Be the Candle or the Mirror
Uber's S-1
Tiger Woods
Patient Passion
Sophistication vs. Execution
The Role of Bundling in Education
China's New Investment Law
Context, Context, Context
Pinch Me
The Middle
Who is Responsible for Fraud?
Turning Planning Into Action
Your Hedgehog


Things Take Time
Optimism and Pessimism
Working with Clients When You (dis)Agree on Values
Law Suit Against Harvard
A Smile, a Handshake, and a Hello
Measuring the Long Term
Online Degrees
Team Dynamics
What I've Learned After a Year of Writing Monday Memos
Open Letter to the Shanghai Education Community
Graduation Address
Indigestion, Not Starvation
Life is Good
Last Impressions
Do Your Pre-Work
Competition 101 and 102
Dealing with the Unknown
Context and Content
What We Talk About When We Talk About Meetings
Anacora Imparo


With Love
Reputation is Real
Our Team is a Tribe
Growth for Everyone
Your Work Matters
One Strike